Toronto-based DJ/producers Ryan Lamont and Boris Kurtzman founded techno label OddSine recordings earlier this year with an intent to focus on the darker, brooding side of electronic music. According to the founders the label was conceived with an aim to affirm the differences that unify their sonic community. To give voice to the most intelligent expressions of the multiple subdivisions of techno by creating a space open to their infinite potentiality for hybridity, deviation, disassemblage and reassemblage.

The label emphasizes the importance for OddSine producers to have a unique creative vision. Lamont says, “The one thing we would like for the artist we sign to the label to have is a desire to be unique and make music that they are passionate about and not just the trending sound. It’s hard in this day and age to seek out artists who purely produce for themselves and not for whats in.”

In addition to providing a platform for  both rising artists and techno veterans, Lamont says the crew will continue to host events in Toronto in order to “build stronger relationships with the artists we sign and also give us a chance to to expose the smaller artists on our label. What we feel defines a successful event is when we get positive feedback from both patrons and headliners and everyone is looking forward to the next adventure. It’s a big city with a lot of competition so sometimes it’s hit or miss but hopefully we will build a brand with a strong enough following that if another techno event is happening it won’t put a strain on turn out.”

Both Lamont and Kurtzman have been DJing since they started going to raves in the late ’90s, although it wasn’t until recently when they started producing their own tracks.

“Boris got into DJing in 1999 because he always had an ear for futuristic and innovative music, I got into it after I started going to raves in ’96,” says Lamont. Initially producing tracks for his own sets, he moved into production after dabbling with sound design for several years, while Kurtzman formed OddSine production duo Aerodromme with Steve Chan in 2008. In the coming year, the label will be releasing a compilation comprised by various artists, as well as streaming live feeds from their events.

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