Igloo Presents 5 Years

It’s been 5 years since Igloo has been providing beats and a lifetime of memories for you all!
Line Up:
Brandon Chase
Gene Linet
John Patrick
Rufus Gibson

$5 cover ::.

As always leave the drama at home and come get lost! This is a sucka free zone, see you guys on the floor!

Paul Kuenzi

Few others have been as influential to the Buffalo electronic music scene than now Denver-based DJ and Igloo music co-founder Paul Kuenzi. He started the collective in 2011 along with Brandon Chase “out of a need for intimate venues, deeper music, and events more formulated around the music and the vibe.” Since then, the crew has gone on to host monthly events throughout the city, with DJs Rufus Gibson and John Sullivan currently at the helm.

Kuenzi is clearly passionate about the thriving Denver house and techno scene, stating that “every week there’s at least four to eight events going on, I can’t even support everyone I want to in a given week.”

“There’s a lot of creativity here, being a place that a lot of people are moving to from all over the world. I think that energy and intelligence is creating a lot of cool events here.” Having played sets at Beta Lounge, one of the regions premier electronic music venues, the selector has also continued to evolve artistically since relocating. When asked how his current sets differ from his early work, he claims to have “certainly slowed down speed wise, and tried to flow more and be smoother rather than be heavy, hard and slamming,” aiming to “make things more of a story rather than an in your face kind of reaction.”

Making his return to Buffalo on Saturday, Sept. 26 to host and play Origins, Kuenzi expects big things from the techno event that also features Berlin DJ Oona Dahl, Jessica Lyn, Gene Linet, The Abbott, and Drumsound Blvd.

“You’re gonna hear some weird, deep, spacey, psychedelic techno,” he said, specifically excited to hear the unique sounds of Oona Dahl, making her return to the city for the first time in two years.

Saturday, Sept. 26
Dnipro Ukranian Cultural Center (562 Genesee St.)
Presale $10 and can be purchased online | 21+
See the Facebook event page for more details.

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