Gypsy Parlor x Qween City Present #ChewsToHelp

BUFFALO – Eating & drinking at a gorgeous restaurant with all of your friends for an amazing cause!? Yes, please!

Qween City will be partnering with the Gypsy Parlor this year for the 15th annual Dining out for Life, a citywide event benefiting the incredible Evergreen Health! Gypsy will be generously donating 25% from food sales and 10% from alcohol sales to fight AIDS and HIV in WNY during this one-night-only event in October.

On Tuesday, October 10, any time after 5 p.m. for a delicious meal and a few libations at the Gypsy Parlor, in addition to the chance to win sweet raffle prizes, sample a specialty Qween City cocktail, and listen to the grooves of a few of the city’s most talented up-and-coming DJs. Reservations are strongly encouraged. 

Music provided by Bflo Lydia and Leesh.

Have dinner plans already? No problem! Come by after for a nightcap and hang with the girls of Qween City. At 9 p.m. the city’s brood of musicians will join in the festivities for their usual Tuesday open mic party. We will continue to roll with the good times until everyone leaves or they kick us out.


About Evergreen, Gypsy, and QC:

Evergreen Health has been on the front line, fighting HIV/AIDS while providing services to those living with the disease since 1983, and will continue to be there until AIDS is no more. Evergreen strives to foster healthy communities by providing medical, supportive and behavioral services to individuals and families in Western New York challenged by chronic or life threatening diseases.

Gypsy Parlor’s owner Gabrielle Mattina grew up on the West Side of Buffalo just a few blocks away from the Gypsy Parlor. After running restaurants and bars for other people it was time to open her own place. Gabrielle has always been in love with the old immigrant neighborhood. She combined this love for the neighborhood with her passion for mixing drinks and throwing parties. There hasn’t been a bar like this on Grant street in a long time, Gabrielle has fulfilled her dreams and has made her contribution to the resurgence of the West Side by opening Gypsy Parlor- an ecletic, eccentric neighborhood bar where everyone and anyone is welcome! is a lifestyle & culture webzine that highlights and celebrates the work and accomplishments of women in Buffalo, New York. We hope this project will grow indefinitely over time, bringing forth the greater picture of the lives of modern-day women in our city. We don’t yet know every single woman that makes this city tick. But we want to.

REDUX: Tony Fairchild / Naeem

BUFFALO – Somewhere on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh and up a long flight of stairs, you will cross over the threshold into a place like no other. It’s late, but you’re just getting started. Both residents of Hot Mass, Tony Fairchild and Naeem are often found behind those decks, working the soundsystem. Not only technically skilled, they are both incredible selectors. All night long on September 30, Buffalo will get a little taste of Hot Mass.

Owner of is / was Records and resident at Humanaut’s monthly function at Hot Mass.

Naeem is a Pittsburgh-based DJ that currently holds a third Saturday residency at Hot Mass, as a member of the local techno label/crew, Detour.

REDUX presents
Tony Fairchild and Naeem
Saturday, September 30
11 pm – 5 am

Rufus Gibson presents Norm Talley

BUFFALO – Known as the Silent Warrior of the deep and funky sound of dance music, Norm Talley has slowly yet steadily become a staple in the ears of dancefloor addicts in Detroit. Consistency would be an understatement.

Talley shares a history as part of the West 6 Mile Detroit breed that came of age during the last days of Disco, and spent his teen years reveling in the New Age that was the early 1980s.He was an active member in the movement that was Electronic Music in Detroit. Yet, like his current partners, Norm’s roots remain in Soul, Funk, and Disco – rendering his DJ style one of soulful, vocal melodies laced over infectious percussion, and those undeniable bass lines that distinguish the BeatDown Sound from a sea of others – with the occasional Afrobeat rhythm of course. He is also known as the Gospel House guru at home.

The “Detroit Beatdown” series for Third Ear would be Norm’s first major compilation directorial as he and partner, Mike Clark, recruit and filter tracks that fit the BeatDown Sound for this overseas label’s successful project. Since the release of the original volume, Talley has also produced 12” remixes and single tracks for the “Beatdown Sessions” sub-series also on Third Ear, along with fellow re-mixers, Mike Huckaby and Bugz in the Attic.The year 2007 brought about a DJ residency at a Legendary Jazz Club called Floods which hosts a live band on one side an a DJ on the other side in downtown Detroit playing jazzy soulful house!! NICE

Norm plans future projects with Thema recordings,MixMode recordings,Clone,Strictly Beatdown,Fathom.New releases out now on SushiTech,Partier,Third Ear available on vinyl or digital. See, the thing is, the Silent Warrior may have infected a dancefloor near you, and you didn’t even know it was him, because – well, because he’s not really a talker… he’s a maestro.

Line Up:
Norm Talley(Upstairz Asylum) Detroit MI
Rufus Gibson(REDUX)

Rufus Gibson Presents: FINLEY (Boston)

BUFFALO – Back again for the August installment. The heat isn’t cooling down anytime soon and neither are these beats! This month FINLEY is in the house for his Buffalo NY debut!

The bastard son of SONA. If you don’t know her, educate yourself.

It was an era that FINLEY was brought up in and moulded him into who he is today. “Tech-no” you say? “ Tech- yes” says FINLEY; inspired by marathon sets at the history filled SONA nightclub.

His inspirations led him to the decks in 1998 and over the next few years, he honed his skills while picking up residencies throughout New England underground parties, including the well-known SUNDAY NIGHT MASS in Burlington, VT. Then it was off to school to learn the precious art and science of audio engineering at Full Sail University, where his productions first saw the light of night.

Low Tide provided a platform to release original music and remixes on labels including Dilate Records, Motek, and Inside out alongside artists Dance Spirit, Kosmas, Miguel Puente, Silky, Jonny Cruz, Balcazar & Sordo, and others. With upcoming solo releases on Faceless, Sullivan Room Records, NOSI Music, and endless hours in the studio creating.

His understanding and true love for the scene can be heard throughout his productions and dj sets. Sexy, multi-layered, melodic tunes, mixed with a bit of his techno and R&B roots, make for an incredible journey every time.

Line Up:

FINLEY(Get Physical, Nervous Records, Superfreq) – Boston MA

Rufus Gibson( Mikita Skyy, REDUX, Gourmand Music Recordings)

5 Bones

And as always this is a sucker free zone. Come as you are and who you are because together we’ll be sharing once again another beautiful night on the dance floor. Beats will be on point and all I can say is we’ll see you on the dance floor!

Pyramid: AL.G / Cesario

BUFFALO – AL.G (Toronto After Dark)
Al G is a Toronto based Dj specializing in house. He is part of the Toronto After Dark team that organizes events across the city, Which is where he and Cesario began spinning together. From soulful to deep to disco, Al G has a handle on the house genre like few. For upcoming events, visit Toronto After Dark on Facebook.


CESARIO (Toronto After Dark)
Cesario is a Toronto based dj with an eclectic sound ranging from house to techno. He started his roots in hip hop, but soon fell in love with the Toronto underground scene. Frequently playing the Toronto Ater Dark parties, he and Al G quickly learned they had a natural chemistry spinning house together. With an affinity towards the deeper and more upbeat side of House, he is perfectly complemented by the sound of Al G. Catch Cesario at Sound Xchange July 28th b2b with good friend and Buffalo local Chad Lock for the Toronto After Dark Party.



$5 before 11:30 / $8 after

Rufus Gibson Presents: Paul Kuenzi & Brandon Chase

BUFFALO – The old gang is getting back together as Rufus Gibson presents Buffalo native Paul Kuenzi [Denver] and Brandon Chase.

Line Up:
Paul Kuenzi
Brandon Chase
Rufus Gibson

More Info TBA.

Boots Boogie

Bruce Bailey

He is a hustler. He uses music as his platform to inspire, bring growth and spread knowledge. If you have ever seen him play records you will see among the crowd a solid core of community friends up front and center. Bruce Bailey is a true Detroiter.

Being born and raised in Detroit directly developed his love for music, he says. “After all, from Motown to techno, us ‘Motor Citians’ have some substantial musical roots. Detroit is known for hard working individuals and I guess that really rubbed off on me.” Initially entering the scene as a promoter he decided to delve deeper into mixing records as he became witness to the inexplicable energy created by the music, the DJ, and the crowd.

His story’s trajectory truly demonstrates how versatile, grinding effort and an attitude that won’t quit can help you achieve your dreams. Bailey is a DJ, a promoter, a music lover and a businessman. Through various avenues and vessels he has established himself by taking opportunities as they come and perpetuating progress. He says, “It’s like working on my craft 24 hours a day is normal or something. I wouldn’t be able to stay relevant today without that instilled work ethic.”

It stretches back to his time spent as an undergraduate student at Western Michigan University. Centrally located between Detroit and Chicago, Bailey (with a foundation of music history from his hometown) started to become increasingly more exposed to Chicago house music. He and his friends were playing vinyl and at the time he says “the record purchasing craze was unbelievable.” They were able to tune into house music on numerous radio stations picked up with his roommate’s high frequency antenna. “I remember many a night (sometimes day) we would sit in the dorm room with sounds blasting, writing down what we thought were the names of new music we had never heard. On weekends we would drive down to the Windy City and purchase vinyl or send word to the Detroit buyers to grab some of this new music we’ve heard.”

Bruce Bailey at Charivari 2016. Photo by Alicia Greco.

As he started to become more established within the scene, Bailey and his partner Vern English worked together to found Tandem Entertainment Company. They both had been spinning since college. “We were getting booked individually at a ridiculous clip. One day we collectively decided that we needed to emerge from the underground way of doing business. So, we added eight or so additional DJs, sound techs and personalities to the team to help cover the plethora of events we couldn’t keep up with beforehand. It not only helped us to totally legitimize the steady stream of revenue but also assist us in multiple tax related ways,” he says. “Over the years ‘The Tandem Brand’ has covered a diverse number of events as our DJ services became mandatory from numerous corporate and underground bookings. To this day The Tandem is the most utilized DJ company in Metro Detroit.”

Throughout Detroit he has held residencies in the city’s most reputable spots. Bailey’s first was at Cheeks, a legendary establishment where Jeff Mills’ Wizard persona came to fruition. The spot was also home to moments like the debut of Inner City’s “Good Life”. In 1991 Bailey went on to become head promoter and resident DJ at Club 246 where he stayed for seven years. It was during this time that DJ Minx got her start, Delano Smith got back behind the decks, and the stage saw the likes of so many local favorites like Norm Talley, Moodymann, Al Ester, and Terrence Parker.

“This is arguably the most historic club in Detroit history and the stories from this era are nothing less than amazing. Probably the most memorable was – well let me set the stage first…” he says. “Club 246 was located on the street level of The Madison Hotel in the thick of Downtown Detroit. The night I was given to run was a Thursday. In the early ‘90s you couldn’t get a continuous weekend night to promote house music at any venue downtown, hence the Thursday night sets began. So, I’d say halfway through my seven year run (on a Sunday if I recall properly) I got a call from the owner saying there was a fire in the building. Now keep in mind all the other businesses within the hotel (including the hotel rooms themselves) were defunct except the ordinarily designed Club 246 and it’s adequately sized walkout patio.”

Club 246 detroit

Club 246, Detroit

He continues, “So as you’d guess I’m in limbo regarding this situation as Thursdays were definitely the hottest thing going in Detroit at this time, house music wise. The fire department came out and extinguished the fire and it was a mess throughout the building. I knew we’d be closed for some time with a good possibility of never reopening. To my surprise a few days later I got a call saying that we were gonna try and move forward with opening up – I couldn’t believe it.  Somehow we opened and it was super successful. Outta the disaster we got an upgraded sound system (so needed) and for maybe a week or two you could smell faint remnants of smoke, but unbelievably not even for one week did it deter the capacity crowds from supporting.”

After Club 246 closed he moved on to a restaurant called Lola’s in 2002. This residency lasted him about five years which he says “catapulted my brand and solidified a switch, as a week later I became the first resident DJ at TV Lounge.” At the time Bailey’s friend, Tree Graves, was the owner. Formerly called Half Past 3 (now frequently called TV Bar) this venue remains one of the strongest Detroit spots. “You see, Half Past 3 was more so the cool spot for the cities jet setters before transforming into the house/techno mega club that it is today. Sport players and dignitaries flooded the venue on Fridays and the Salsa community filled the joint every Saturday.”

The list of residencies and artists that have performed either inside, on the patio or down the alley at TV Bar is innumerable. With a welcoming atmosphere the club’s energy continues strong longevity to this day for locals and visitors alike. Bailey says, “TV Lounge is a family and I’d like to think I did my share of work in elevating it to the worldwide iconic status it receives today.”

There is an undeniable uniqueness to the Detroit hustle. It is grassroots, unrelenting and if you have seen it before you know there is a genuine confidence embodied in the energy. This is why you see (in many Detroit DJs and producers) this particular attitude which makes their presence so special. Especially during the time before technology, there was a limited accessibility in sharing sounds. It took, as Bailey and so many others did, pushing out hundreds of cassette mixtapes. Speaking to people face-to-face and developing real-time connections was the only accessible avenue anyone had to make their name known. In Bailey’s mind it’s how you set yourself apart.

“Here in Detroit you’d never solely make it in the DJ business if you sat back and waited for clients to contact you. If you excelled here in The D, you must be liked, have a solid game plan and also the intellect to overcome obstacles – hell, I always say if it was easy everyone would be doing it (successfully),” he says. When you see Bailey play on home turf it is so apparent that he has developed and maintained relationships throughout the years. Keeping those personal connections alive is a foundation for success is just about anything.

“Certain things you do dictate your character and I believe that represented mine in the best fashion.  Of course my original saying had to go on this sign as marketing waits for no one – ‘the brand don’t build itself.’” – BRUCE BAILEY

There is plenty on the horizon for Bailey starting this spring with the release of his latest EP The Detroit Room through Open Bar Music. He says, “This two track release has been simmering for quite a few months. Additional production by Oscar P and Delano Smith make this a sure fire underground hit for the deep house music fan.”

Additionally, you can also look forward to a two-day boutique festival in Detroit during the last weekend of June at TV Lounge. With efforts from Bailey, the venue’s staff, Josh Guerin and Delano Smith, talent is booked and “people can expect the official announcement sometime early May. Collectively we couldn’t be more excited about our first stab at a local festival.”

Within Bailey is a deeply motivated passion to create and build. He blends together his entrepreneurial spirit and his love for music in a way that is tasteful, genuine and inspiring. The name Bruce Bailey, is more than just a name. “Music for me is a collection of emotions. I love it for the way it brings people together and how it unites communities. Without music there would definitely be a void in my life. I look forward to spreading my love of music around more this year as I have road shows in China, New York, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, North Carolina, Los Angeles and Virginia already set for this year. Yup, I love music…”

Catch Bruce Saturday night in Rochester for Signal > Noise.

Strange Allure V. 9: Grey People

BUFFALO, NY – Strange Allure hosts Grey People for their next event installation.

• GREY PEOPLE (CGI, Proper Trax)

+ visuals by Frankie NP
+ sound by Emissary Sound

Saturday, April 8th

$10 early bird – sold out
$15 advance – AVAILABLE
– A limited number of $20 tickets will be available at the door –

REDUX presents Jarvi + Father of Two

“so many questions have been made
​about this new dance craze, called acid
​what people really want to know
​is how the story, all goes, about acid…
​​this is acid
​i’m gonna give you acid”

REDUX is bringing you another evening of non-stop grooves. This time bringing in Chicago’s Jarvi and Father of Two from Cleveland.

JARVI // chicago (nbfc, haus of diesel)

Jarvi – aka Acid Daddy – is a representative for the non-binary gender house and techno scene. A member of Chicago’s Naughty Bad Fun Collective, resident at Smart Bar for Planet Chicago (along with Sassmouth and Pat Bosman), and can be found on the dance floor jacking to proper beats. Hailing from Metro Detroit, they were introduced to the music at ayoung age. DJing has always been a dream for Jarvi and in 2013, with the help of mentor Sassmouth, that dream became a reality. Jarvi is additionally curator of the freaky queer club party, Acid Daddy’s Haus of Diesel at Berlin Nightclub in Boystown.

FATHER OF TWO // cleveland (in training)

Father of Two is a co-founder and resident at Cleveland’s queer electronic music monthly, In Training. During his set he draws you in deep, bringing raw, unadultered energy. He works to provide a decentralized approach where he connects the dots for regional dance music and styles from further abroad. Through In Training there is a set intention for autonomous safe living for oppressed and marginalized people regarding gender, sexuality, race, class and ability.

$15 at the door
11 p.m. – late
safe space: come as you are


Sound by Buffalo Pro Audio Group