Wax Runoff: Fur [UNTHANK007]

In this week’s Wax Runoff I wanted to draw attention to one of my favorite family of record labels: Firecracker Recordings. Based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, Firecracker and its two sub-labels Shevchenko and Unthank take a unique DIY approach to releasing top-tier tunes with some of the most aesthetically pleasing packaging in the business.

Recently making waves with a long awaited repress of their first four releases, Firecracker is known for their consistency in releasing deep, left-field and often melancholic tracks by the likes of Linkwood, Inkswell, Vakula and the subject of this week’s feature: Fur.

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Appearing on the Unthank imprint, Fur’s Pulp is a deep and moody two tracker pressed to a limited run of 10” vinyl with a gorgeous hand screened jacket. While I personally find 10” records a little awkward both in the bag and on the platter, the depth and floor appeal of these tracks more than make up for it. Opening with mix of sounds that beg you to picture a rainy day, Fur’s original mix of “Pulp” teases you with a slow, jazzy piano line and a spaced out theremin before scattered hi-hats move you through to the track’s climax. Though it takes a bit to build, this one is destined for a late night dance floor or a smokey, dimly lit after-hours. On the flip side you’ll find my pick of this release – Linkwood’s “Pulp (Stargazer Mix).” As deep as it is spacey, this track is dripping with warm analog sounds and a few eerie but well placed vocal samples. A simple bassline and classic sounding 909 pattern keeps this one chugging along but it’s the pads that’ll have you questioning your existence, should you ever find yourself in the middle of a dance floor when someone puts this on.

Even for the casual home listener this release is a treat, and for just $10 on Discogs it’s a little hard to pass up. If you’re moved by these sounds I definitely recommend checking out Firecracker’s Bandcamp page – you’ll be able to find all of their releases (also available digitally) and I think it’s worth a look for the artwork alone.

Wax Runoff is a weekly feature that will showcase new finds and crate favorites. Colin Boardway, formerly of Chicago, is now based in Greece as the label manager for Yoruba Records. He has spent the last 10 years developing his sound by digging deep in the bins wherever records are sold.

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