In Training 3-Year Anniversary Bash

CLEVELAND – IN TRAINING is pleased to invite you all to celebrate three years of our mission to provide a space for queer self-expression and unapologetic living. We are so thrilled with the community of queer folks, misfits, freaks and outsiders that have coalesced around what we started on a whim, and are so happy to share a memorable evening of self-affirmation together!


DOC SLEEP (Jacktone Records / Room 4 Resistance, Berlin)

After years of support and love from afar, we are pleased to announce that the Doctor Is IN! DOC SLEEP is known worldwide for her outstanding DJ sets and her curatorial ability, both of which put forth some of the wildest cuts from the underground that are sure to electrify the dancefloor. Doc Sleep is the owner and operator of the acclaimed JACKTONE label, who release music by luminaries such as Russell E.L. Butler, Liquid Asset, Experimental Housewife, Worker / Parasite and many more! Her own compositions and remixes have seen pressing by labels such as DETOUR in Pittsburgh. She is a resident and co-promoter of the monthly Room 4 Resistance parties, whose grip on the queer underground has captivated partygoers both in their headquarters of Berlin and also worldwide! Also she is wearing a cool hat in her promo pics. Maybe she’ll bring it? COME FIND OUT!

LUZ (Room 4 Resistance, Berlin)

LUZ is a formidable DJ, curatorial mind, promoter and forward-thinker of the Berlin community, one whose efforts with ROOM 4 RESISTANCE have not gone unnoticed. Her proclivity for the finest cuts of Detroit techno and electro – supplemented by various sounds of the underground – have instilled a drive in her to elevate the marginalized and honor the calls for liberation and resistance that this music was born with. As a resident of R4R, she is no stranger to command crowds of racuous partygoers, and her selections will undoubtedly show us country cousins just how the queer femmes of Berlin get wild.


Cleveland based sonic purveyor ADAB will be opening the night with their usual entrancing selections, deep and tailor made as a precursor to freak activity and unadulterated pleasure. As 1/2 of Cleveland party Heaven is in You, ADAB puts heavy emphasis on translating the unifying elements in the world and themselves through djing. Characterized often by their palette of sounds, they made a name for themselves in Cleveland spinning a variety of genres (house/techno/footwork etc.) and venues alike. Having started djing dance music heavily as a result of finding Cleveland’s techno party In Training and being a gender queer black youth raised across a few states in the Rustbelt (IL/MICH/OH), ADAB seeks to unabashedly open up new dimensions and understandings for both themselves and others.


MOON BABY (Future Gods, Pittsburgh)

Is she a dream or a nightmare? Do we even have the capacity as humans to understand just WHO SHE IS? MOON BABY has made a name for herself with her darkly funny performances that combine elements of dance music, drag, stand-up comedy and performance art. Her sets are wry and crass but also introspective and loving. We are thrilled to have her come perform for us – you little piglets are gonna lap this shit up.

9 PM – 2 AM


IN TRAINING is dedicated to the pursuit of building solidarity between marginalized people and establishing a space for people to express themselves without fear of oppression. We are committed to assisting our partygoers in this, and are happy to intercede in any situation that limits the ability to live unapologetically for the individuals that attend. In attempting to establish our party as a safer space, we proudly enforce a policy of no racist / sexist / homophobic / transphobic / ableist behavior in word or deed, and ask that our partygoers practice good consent on and off the dancefloor. Attendees who violate this expectation are subject to removal.



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