In Training: March Acceleration

CLEVELAND – IN TRAINING returns to help celebrate the spring solstice with an all-star lineup of midwest DJs to bring you closer to yourself and those around you at 130BPM and beyond. Momentum can shatter even the strongest barriers.


WATARU (GIVE ‘EM BPM) – Hailing from the nether regions of our shared universe some decades ago, Wataru is here as our guest and guiding light for the night. Utilizing the power of 3 turntables and a TR-909 drum machine to bond souls and lives together, his style is one rarely seen outside of the forebearers of techno DJing and the culture that birthed their innovations, culled directly from an era of rustbelt collapse and a neverending pursuit of freedom.

ADAB (HEAVEN IS IN YOU, CLEVELAND) – An extended family member of IN TRAINING since day one, we are thrilled to welcome our sibling ADAB back on the decks this month. They last graced IN TRAINING in December 2016, and have only furthered their style of midwest freak DJing while racking up a gig this coming April at Smartbar in Chicago with Hot Mass resident Tony Fairchild and fellow Pittsburgh selector Bijoux. As half of the Cleveland party Heaven is in You, they put heavy emphasis on translating the unifying elements in the world and themselves through DJing. Having started DJing heavily as a result of finding IN TRAINING and being an isolated gender-queer black youth raised across a few states in the Rustbelt (IL/MICH/OH), ADAB seeks to unabashedly open up new dimensions and understanding for both themselves and others.

MX SILKMAN (IN TRAINING, CLEVELAND) – IN TRANING’s resident Princess of Punishment returns to go toe-to-toe with ADAB all night as an opening bout before Wataru graces the decks, bringing her signature blends of industrial rhythms, cold minimal wave, and driving techno to our dancefloor. Recently, she was called upon to open the night for the most recent Modern Cathedrals party in Detroit, and will be heading to Chicago at the end of the month to DJ at Smartbar as part of the Daphne series with Hugo Ball resident Eris Drew and Rose E Kross.

IN TRAINING events are intended to be a space for autonomous living for oppressed and marginalized people who have run afoul of society’s expectations with regards to gender, sexuality, race, class and ability. It’s a party that also emphasizes practicing good consent on the dancefloor and helping people who feel unsafe in public spaces – especially club environments – feel safe and welcome. If anyone interferes with your enjoyment of this event by harassing, groping or otherwise behaving in an oppressive manner, please let the promoters and venue staff know and we will have them removed. We would also like to remind everyone that this is an 18+ event, and we will be verifying ages at the door.


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