In Training: July Incandesence

CLEVELAND –┬áIN TRAINING would like you to shine as bright as you can this month as we enter the midst of summer and, for one of the first times, welcome friends both from Ohio and abroad!


BATU [DJ] (TIMEDANCE/LIVITY SOUND/HESSLE AUDIO, UK) – Since breaking out in 2013 with his own original productions and the beginnings of his Timedance label, Batu (Batu_music) has established a singular sound and vision within dance music scenes in the United Kingdom and the world over. His productions and vision as a label curator seek to explore the grey areas between techno, ambient, and the rhythmic workouts his hometown of Bristol has become known for with the sounds of contemporaries like Hessle Audio and Livity Sound. As a DJ, his sets function as an extension of his production vision, incorporating techno, electro, and off kilter percussion into one pulsating mass. Outside of our affinity for Batu’s talents, the Timedance parties he curates also mirror the party values we aspire to for In Training; thriving upon intimate venues, low admission charge, and DJs playing strange music for even stranger people. We couldn’t be happier to host Batu for one of his only midwest stops on his American tour and give him a warm welcome.

NOELSFERATU [DJ] (BUILD, COLUMBUS) – Ohio’s own behind-the-scenes maestro of the infamous Night Mode (RIP) and BUILD parties in Columbus, two recurring series of parties that have sought to break down the barriers between art insallation, club sounds, and experimental electronics since 2013. Along with cohorts Shirtless and V1984, BUILD (or Bodies United In Love and Dance) has booked/shared bills in Columbus with many cutting edge artists and friends of In Training including Rabit, MPW (of Funerals), ADAB, Mumdance, and Bearcat. Noelsferatu himself has cut his teeth in the electronic underground for years, making a name as one of the regions best club music DJs and never shying away from tracks filled with strange and near cacophonous sounds. We’re thrilled to finally have him up for an In Training set to showcase his love of music that retains it’s experimental edges without sacrificying any elements of body movement and club readyness.

FATHER OF TWO [DJ] (IN TRAINING, CLEVELAND) – Fresh off a series of gigs crushing the Seasonal rooftop party in Akron and Club Toilet in Detroit, Father of Two is back to open In Training this month with his arsenal of mechanical shuffles and emotional top melodies. His love for other men is rivaled only by his love for smooth blends and EQing, and he’s here to let you know he means business before heading off to play slots at Midwest Fresh and the Honcho Summer Campout. Do your stretches!

IN TRAINING events are intended to be a space for autonomous living for oppressed and marginalized people who have run afoul of society’s expectations with regards to gender, sexuality, race, class and ability. It’s a party that also emphasizes practicing good consent on the dancefloor and helping people who feel unsafe in public spaces – especially club environments – feel safe and welcome. If anyone interferes with your enjoyment of this event by harassing, groping or otherwise behaving in an oppressive manner, please let the promoters and venue staff know and we will have them removed. We would also like to remind everyone that this is an 18+ event, and we will be verifying ages at the door.


FRIDAY JULY 28TH / 9PM-2AM / $8 / 18+

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