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Aaron Clark

Hot Mass / girlFx: Dr. Rubinstein, bijoux, Sin-Pit

PITTSBURGH – In tandem with VIA Weekender, girlFx and Hot Mass present Dr. Rubinstein, bijoux and Sin-Pit.

Dr. Rubinstein
Marina Rubinstein loves to DJ, but even when she’s perched in the booth, weaving together a invigorating assortment of hypnotic acid, ’90s rave and pumping techno, her mind is on the dancefloor. After all, it was on dancefloor that this Russian-born, Israeli-reared artist fell in love with techno in the first place. Long before she started playing records and adopted the Dr. Rubinstein moniker, she was a self-declared “true raver” in Tel Aviv, and it was during those long nights of partying that she eventually came to see dancing as a kind of meditation. “When the music is right,” she explains, “you can free your mind and just dance without thinking of anything. For me, it’s the best feeling in life, something that brings absolute happiness.”

That “special feeling,” as she describes it, is something Rubinstein is constantly seeking, not just for herself, but also for those who come to see her play. While her ceaselessly cheery personality certainly goes a long way in this effort, it’s her adventurous spirit – not to mention her unabashed love of all things acid – that truly sets her apart as a DJ. Now based in Berlin, she’s become a regular at places like ://about blank and Berghain, but her talents have increasingly taken her around Europe and the globe to spin alongside a wide array of techno luminaries.

Opening support from:

pronounced: girl_friend
a growing list of gxrls and our friends throwing events around music, art, life. Catch us every 2nd Monday for In the Weeds at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh, and 5th Saturdays/quarterly at Hot Mass.

girlFx strives to create responsible spaces and is committed to your physical and emotional safety at events. If you witness or experience harassment, discrimination, or behavior that poses as a potential threat during your time at Hot Mass, we encourage you to speak with girlFx staff located at ticketing, along with the onsite Security team. We take these issues seriously, and are an open door to answer your questions and assist as best as we can. We want you to have a great night — know you can reach out to us at any time.

<< 21+ w/ ID // limited capacity, please arrive early >>

In Training 3-Year Anniversary Bash

CLEVELAND – IN TRAINING is pleased to invite you all to celebrate three years of our mission to provide a space for queer self-expression and unapologetic living. We are so thrilled with the community of queer folks, misfits, freaks and outsiders that have coalesced around what we started on a whim, and are so happy to share a memorable evening of self-affirmation together!


DOC SLEEP (Jacktone Records / Room 4 Resistance, Berlin)

After years of support and love from afar, we are pleased to announce that the Doctor Is IN! DOC SLEEP is known worldwide for her outstanding DJ sets and her curatorial ability, both of which put forth some of the wildest cuts from the underground that are sure to electrify the dancefloor. Doc Sleep is the owner and operator of the acclaimed JACKTONE label, who release music by luminaries such as Russell E.L. Butler, Liquid Asset, Experimental Housewife, Worker / Parasite and many more! Her own compositions and remixes have seen pressing by labels such as DETOUR in Pittsburgh. She is a resident and co-promoter of the monthly Room 4 Resistance parties, whose grip on the queer underground has captivated partygoers both in their headquarters of Berlin and also worldwide! Also she is wearing a cool hat in her promo pics. Maybe she’ll bring it? COME FIND OUT!

LUZ (Room 4 Resistance, Berlin)

LUZ is a formidable DJ, curatorial mind, promoter and forward-thinker of the Berlin community, one whose efforts with ROOM 4 RESISTANCE have not gone unnoticed. Her proclivity for the finest cuts of Detroit techno and electro – supplemented by various sounds of the underground – have instilled a drive in her to elevate the marginalized and honor the calls for liberation and resistance that this music was born with. As a resident of R4R, she is no stranger to command crowds of racuous partygoers, and her selections will undoubtedly show us country cousins just how the queer femmes of Berlin get wild.


Cleveland based sonic purveyor ADAB will be opening the night with their usual entrancing selections, deep and tailor made as a precursor to freak activity and unadulterated pleasure. As 1/2 of Cleveland party Heaven is in You, ADAB puts heavy emphasis on translating the unifying elements in the world and themselves through djing. Characterized often by their palette of sounds, they made a name for themselves in Cleveland spinning a variety of genres (house/techno/footwork etc.) and venues alike. Having started djing dance music heavily as a result of finding Cleveland’s techno party In Training and being a gender queer black youth raised across a few states in the Rustbelt (IL/MICH/OH), ADAB seeks to unabashedly open up new dimensions and understandings for both themselves and others.


MOON BABY (Future Gods, Pittsburgh)

Is she a dream or a nightmare? Do we even have the capacity as humans to understand just WHO SHE IS? MOON BABY has made a name for herself with her darkly funny performances that combine elements of dance music, drag, stand-up comedy and performance art. Her sets are wry and crass but also introspective and loving. We are thrilled to have her come perform for us – you little piglets are gonna lap this shit up.

9 PM – 2 AM


IN TRAINING is dedicated to the pursuit of building solidarity between marginalized people and establishing a space for people to express themselves without fear of oppression. We are committed to assisting our partygoers in this, and are happy to intercede in any situation that limits the ability to live unapologetically for the individuals that attend. In attempting to establish our party as a safer space, we proudly enforce a policy of no racist / sexist / homophobic / transphobic / ableist behavior in word or deed, and ask that our partygoers practice good consent on and off the dancefloor. Attendees who violate this expectation are subject to removal.



Hot Mass / gFx: DJ Haram, Boo Lean, Anuprizzle

PITTSBURGH – Hot Mass and gFx present Discwoman’s DJ Haram, girlFx resident Boo Lean, and Pittsburgh’s Anuprizzle.

Dj Haram
Discwoman / Philly
DJ Haram is a producer and DJ originally from New Jersey, currently based in Philadelphia. Stylistically versatile, she throws down for Jersey, Philly, and Baltimore with club and booty bounce sets but also has been known to pay homage to her roots in the tradition of Middle Eastern dance music and of DIY noise and experimental sound. DJ Haram (along with Moor Mother) is 1/2 of the noise/rap group 700 BLISS. In spring 2017 Haram composed and original score for the debut tour of Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference, a Munich-based modern dance company. DJ Haram participated in Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in summer 2017. While in Philly Haram curates a few nights; a legal fundraiser party series (f)LAWLESS, a monthly live/DIY hip hop night ‘Gas’, and a monthly radio program RAGE RADIO on 91.7FM. She has curated events for MoMA PS1 Sunday Sessions and FringeartsFestival Philadelphia. DJ Haram is touring North America and Europe in Summer/Fall 2017.

Boo Lean
VIA / girlFx / Pgh
Aka Lauren G, girlFx bb and co-founder of Pittsburgh’s VIA / VIA Festival. OG audio-visual matchmaker. This miss DJ on the DL has shared the stage with the likes of DJ MinxKINGDOMJamie xxJasmine InfinitiAir Max ’97,UNIIQU3, and Cakes Da Killa… When we asked what her sound will be like we got “scorched earth and getting your pxssy ate” so bring your fire game tonight.

danceCRUSH / Pgh
Co-founder of danceCRUSH, a DIY multi-genre dance party that’s been vibin’ since 2011, and a sustainable energy ambassador at her day job, Anuprizzle prides herself on balancing two extremities in her life. Shedding her corporate mask, she adorns her nightlife alter-ego with her love of quirky accessories alongside an ineffable bump n grind soundtrack. She has two goals: making y’all feel sexy, smart, and cool in a world that compels you to choose one and not the other & creating a space where you can let yr freak flag fly.

pronounced: girl_friend
a growing list of gxrls and our friends throwing events around music, art, life. Catch us every 2nd Monday for In the Weeds at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh, and 5th Saturdays/quarterly at Hot Mass.

girlFx strives to create responsible spaces and is committed to your physical and emotional safety at events. If you witness or experience harassment, discrimination, or behavior that poses as a potential threat during your time at Hot Mass, we encourage you to speak with girlFx staff located at ticketing, along with the onsite Security team. We take these issues seriously, and are an open door to answer your questions and assist as best as we can. We want you to have a great night — know you can reach out to us at any time.

<< 21+ w/ ID // limited capacity, please arrive early >>

REDUX: Tony Fairchild / Naeem

BUFFALO – Somewhere on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh and up a long flight of stairs, you will cross over the threshold into a place like no other. It’s late, but you’re just getting started. Both residents of Hot Mass, Tony Fairchild and Naeem are often found behind those decks, working the soundsystem. Not only technically skilled, they are both incredible selectors. All night long on September 30, Buffalo will get a little taste of Hot Mass.

Owner of is / was Records and resident at Humanaut’s monthly function at Hot Mass.


Naeem is a Pittsburgh-based DJ that currently holds a third Saturday residency at Hot Mass, as a member of the local techno label/crew, Detour.


REDUX presents
Tony Fairchild and Naeem
Saturday, September 30
11 pm – 5 am


Well-spoken and quietly humble, it is fair to say that Naeem Martinez is becoming increasingly enamored by art and music as time passes. Now based in Pittsburgh, he was born and raised in Harlem where his mother introduced him to the world of fine art in New York City.

My Mom would frequently take me to museums. Being really young at the time, I would do my best to breeze through whatever exhibit we went to see. I would then proceed to inquire about when we would be leaving. Fast forward 15+ years, I’m the complete opposite and I’m totally interested in spending hours and hours in a museum. I took a long route to gaining an appreciation for the arts and have only come to really value these early experiences in retrospect,” he says. “With my growing appreciation for arts, I began to pursue a degree in Fine Art at Carnegie Mellon in 2008. I had spent six weeks taking summer courses at Carnegie Mellon the previous year, so I had a vague idea of what I was getting myself into.”

Martinez is a DJ, producer, and member of Pittsburgh-based label DETOUR. His interest for DJing piqued upon arriving to the City of Bridges when he found himself tuned in to Carnegie Mellon’s radio station WRCT. Specifically, he was exploring the sounds of rap and hip-hop on “What’s Really Good Radio” – a Monday evening show run by DJ Thermos and Shawn MC. As he became more exposed to rappers and MCs that he had never heard of “like the Monster Island Czars and Binary Star” his inspiration grew.  

“With my head full of ideas after listening to WRGR for a few weeks, I joined WRCT in hopes of having a show and DJing. I went through the proper channels of becoming a member at the radio station and took the required AIR test (which took me four times to pass),” he says. Two years later in his spring semester of 2011 he started his show “Side A, Side B”.



“Over the previous year I had begun listening to more electronic music due to the influence and range of things you would be able to hear on WRCT. I simply say electronic because in retrospect, my taste was pretty surface level at the time. The jolt that really got me into things was seeing my peers like Alex and Juan use a computer to DJ, while at events like WRCT’s Biannual Dance party. One of the things that initially appeared as a roadblock for me to begin DJing was, me wondering how in the world I would get my hands on a pair of turntables.”

In the meantime he used his keyboard to explore technicalities through Virtual DJ and Traktor. Late 2011 he acquired a controller and soundcard, and would take any opportunity to practice at WRCT. He says, “This usually meant late at night or whenever there was a free studio.”

Years later he began exploring the realm of production, dabbling with GarageBand and then eventually he delved into advanced software. From that point forward he says producing is “a practice in trial and error with me trying to get things to sound the way they do in my head. The most helpful thing for me and I have to constantly count my blessings for this, is the amount of people around me who have a wealth of knowledge and experience producing. But more importantly who have no problem sharing this information. People like Preslav, who helped Juan and I mix down the second DETOUR record, when we really had no idea what we we’re doing. Shawn, who is always excited to talk at length about almost any synthesizer and drum machine under the sun. And Tom who wouldn’t hesitate to let me know if a section of a track needed to be edited or totally rearranged, while the second DETOUR record was being finished.”



His dive deeper into house and techno came about through another community of peers at Hot Mass. “Similar to my interest in the arts, it took me some time to really wrap my head around what was what in the realm of house and techno. I credit Humanaut’s Out of Order nights with helping me sort things out,” Martinez says. “I had a rough idea of what a house or techno DJ should sound like prior, but after regularly attending these nights, I was really able to my to get my bearings on things.”

Eventually he joined DETOUR in 2012, just before the label’s first event held at 6119 – an art gallery and performance space located on Penn Avenue. The label began under the efforts of Juan Lafontaine and Alex Price, who Martinez met through WRCT. “Juan approached me about DJing this party during one of my late night practice sessions at the WRCT and I of course said yes,” he says. That first party in September 2012 featured music from Naeem, Gusto, Mirko Azis, and Mr. Sensitivity.

“The current DETOUR crew is made up of Juan, Alex, Allison [Cosby] and myself. We all shift and trade jobs as needed to keep things going, but it’s a team effort to choose what actually makes it onto each record. While I share design duties with Juan, I’m the one that finds the the B-side images for each record. Each one is a location in and around Pittsburgh.”

DETOUR hosts events on the third Saturday of each month at Hot Mass. Although a techno label, their bookings reflect an eclectic taste for sound and energy. Their parties have seen the likes of Umfang, HUNEE, Analog Soul, Doc Sleep, Gunnar Haslam, Aurora Halal, Lena Willikens, Patrick Russell, and Norm Talley, just to name a few. Earlier this month DETOUR celebrated a five-year anniversary with Courtesy and Olin at Hot Mass. A Weekend Send day party celebration followed at the Ace Hotel with more from Olin, Elvin T. and sets from label residents Cosby and Naeem.

“I believe Hot Mass has truly become a second home to a lot of people. What makes it feel like a second home for every person is probably very different, but I think we would all agree, that being able to have that feeling is invaluable.” – NAEEM

It is undeniable and irrefutable that Hot Mass has had an impact on so many, from promoters, to DJs, to party goers. Each weekend Club Pittsburgh is host to something special. “For a person who is totally in love with dance music, Hot Mass becomes this place where you can hear that strange B-side cut, from that one artist’s eccentric side project, that just wouldn’t fly in a lot of other venues around the city,” Martinez says. “On a national and even international level the quality of what both the promoters and regulars of Hot Mass collectively bring in regard to energy, emotion, care and hospitality has been affirmed as world class by a number of guest DJs. Hearing how amazing this intimate club is by people who regularly DJ the world over, speaks volumes about what has been cultivated here.”

detour SEER


DETOUR plans to continue the genuine and passionate agenda to push quality music through future bookings and productions. DETOUR006 is the next four-track EP set for release Friday, October 13. It will feature “stuttering electro, sluggish EBM and booming techno, by the Brooklyn based duo SEER,” Martinez says. SEER, comprised by Maroje T. of Remedy NYC and Matt Parent of Blankstairs, are on the rise as solo artists with this EP being their first collaboration. “To celebrate the record, we’ll be having a release party at Hot Mass on October 21, where SEER will be playing live and DJing.”

Whether it be through curation and creating artwork through DETOUR, cultivating his sound as a DJ, or simply enjoying it all amidst the crowd on the floor, Martinez’s appreciation for his journey through music and art simultaneously expands while his passion for the craft deepens.

“There are two realizations that I’ve had in the past year or so regarding my love of music,” he says. “The first being the sheer amount of music that is out there to be discovered. As I search for new music with every gig I play, I’m constantly astounded by what is out there. I sometimes have to stop and think, that I’m really only scratching the surface with what I know and have heard. This feeling is simultaneously overwhelming and very exciting. The second realization is about how many connections I have been able to make solely through music. I’m hardly a social butterfly but through music, it’s allowed me both to meet and share ideas with a great many people, that I likely would never had met if it hadn’t been for music.”

Tony Fairchild

Tony Fairchild was born and raised in a creativity desert. Living his formative years between Toledo, Ohio and Monroe, Mich. he was inspired to seek beyond his roots to satisfy his need to discover the unknown.

“I can’t attribute any profound musical experiences or sage tutelage to my time spent in either place, but I can definitely credit the lack of art and culture in both cities with instilling in me a thirst for unique and transgressive experiences of all sorts. When you are raised in the middle of a cornfield or a faceless Ohio suburb, your thirst for adventure in all forms gets pretty real,” he says.  

tony fairchild


It took some time before he delved deep into the house and techno realm. As an early teen living in Monroe, he says, “I used to impatiently wait for the techno shows on WJLB and 89X to end so I could resume making mixtapes of Limp Bizkit and Ludacris. Only much later did I start to appreciate this music that was being broadcast in my backyard, again thanks to radio; in the form of Ben UFO’s Rinse FM show.”

After graduating from Ohio University, Fairchild spent five years living in Columbus. His time there came to a close soon followed by a decision to move to Pittsburgh, Penn. “I was fired from a long term job and ended an even longer term relationship. The time was ripe for me to explore a new future and there were no strings attached to prevent me from doing so,” he says. 

He has since made a name for himself as a DJ, promoter and label head. At Hot Mass, Pittsburgh’s favorite after-hours spot, Fairchild assists throwing events through Humanaut. This came to fruition quickly upon attending his first Mass as a fresh Pittsburgh resident. Soon he would find himself being wrangled into the mix by Aaron Clark.

“Aaron Clark approached me with his signature brand of endearing enthusiasm and told me pretty squarely that he needed help with Humanaut. It was never a question; more like, ‘Hey you! Join the team!’,” he says. “As anyone that knows Aaron can attest, he is the ultimate mover and groover and an amazing community engineer. Aaron brought me into the fold as a Humanaut resident and connected me with the rest of the Hot Mass family. I couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome to my new city.”

Between Hot Mass’ resident parties (Honcho, Humanaut, girlFX, Detour, Cold Cuts), The Weekend Send events at the Ace Hotel, and smaller up and coming parties like MESH, Pittsburgh has established itself as a hub for Midwest techno and house.

“Right now I see Pittsburgh as being the exemplar of sustainable underground partying in the U.S. We have somehow managed to carve out for ourselves not only a present, but also a future as party organizers in a mid-sized American city with 2 a.m. closing laws. I see Pittsburgh as proof that this thing can work if the right people are brought together in the right circumstances with the right resources. Luck is no small part of the equation.” – TONY FAIRCHILD

He has witnessed how Pittsburgh’s success has inspired smaller metro areas to bring life to barrenness or expand on an already established smaller scene. Hot Mass continues to play an integral role for many cities within the American Midwest and Rust Belt, and has become a reputable destination on an international level.  

Fairchild says, “I know that Hot Mass was a major source of inspiration for myself and the co-founders of Midwest Fresh. Seeing the team throw a weekly party that goes till 7 a.m. while maintaining a certain level of organization and professionalism is really encouraging in a country that tries to stifle this exact sort of thing. We are also now seeing Pittsburgh bring more attention to the broader U.S. scene in the global sense. Word has gotten out that Mass is a great party to play and artists are starting to plan tours around playing the club. This has bridged the (sometimes quite large gap) between the EU and U.S. scenes to the point where relationships are built that increasingly bring EU artists to the states and visa versa.”

In addition to Midwest Fresh, Cleveland’s In Training parties are another that have been influenced by Pittsburgh. Instilling and growing small but concentrated music scenes in these rather desolate areas are necessary for cultivating creativity and providing safe spaces. Regarding Ohio he says that “in a state so devoid of culture, these parties are absolutely crucial. In Training and MWF in particular are some of the last bastions of cool shit in their respective cities. Thanks to them, Ohioans have a chance to experience something more novel than the weekly special at their favorite overpriced brunch establishment. On a more positive note, I have seen the nexus of MWF and IT summon an entire generation of incredibly smart, funny and immensely kind party people from the woodworks. These people have become DJs, promoters, producers and contributors to the scene, both locally and globally. Most importantly they have become a community of friends. Today I count almost all of my closest friendships as products of the intersection of MWF, IT and Hot Mass in the past three years.”

Party energy is pushing out beyond Chicago and Detroit and growing in Pittsburgh, Columbus, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cleveland, also stretching to the edges of the Rust Belt in smaller cities like Buffalo and Rochester. The Midwest Rave is alive and well. That classic rave feeling can come in so many different forms, and although inexplicable the existence when experienced is undeniable. How does Fairchild define it? “No Way Back 2013 or whatever year they sold out of water and I had to drink Snapple all night to stay alive in the 95+ degree heat. Any party that nails that feverish, unhinged and diehard vibe shall be knighted as True Midwest Rave.”

tony fairchild

As a DJ he has contributed to the growth of the scene not only in Pittsburgh but with his booking beyond. He recently returned from an international stint where he played in Denmark and at Berlin’s Tresor. Prior to that he was found in Detroit at this year’s Industry Brunch, Service at Smartbar in Chicago, Washington D.C.’s Flash, In Training, and many times on home turf for Midwest Fresh. On the horizon he’ll be sharing the night with Hot Mass resident Naeem for REDUX in Buffalo as well as the next Jack Dept. in NYC for a Hot Mass showcase.

Additionally, earlier this year he launched his own record label. Is / Was “seeks to put out future-proof new releases that will be as listenable in 20 years as they are today.” Complimenting that mission, sublabel Was / Is will reissue classic cuts to “serve as reminders to dancefloors of 2017 and beyond of the origins and possibilities of this music.” Output includes releases and represses from Archetype, Dwayne Jensen, Mark Ambrose, Cube 40, Omni AM and 4E. Dropping Monday, September 25 will be a limited run of Cube 40’s “You Make Me Function” reissued and remastered. Attesting to the vulnerability of change he comments on how his initial drive to show a reflection of the “true lineage of American dance music” has evolved.


“The vision and concept of the label are currently in flux. I was just talking to Brian Bohan and Shane Christian of In Training about how I feel like I have no coherent curation for the label at the moment. At first it stressed me out, but I’m settling into the fact that the only coherent thread through all releases is that they represent a moment in my exploration of the wide realm of dance music in all its forms. My recent obsession with UK garage is even leading me to drop the whole ‘true lineage of American dance music’ thing. My only goal right now is to put out what I feel to be important music in whatever moment it comes to me. Right now I’m salivating over the idea of putting out a comp of 1995-1997 proto-UK garage tracks for instance. In three months I will most likely have moved onto some other compulsion and will pursue that until it haunts me no more. No matter the format or genre of the release, I suppose the goals for each label are always the same.

“It’s no secret that I am disappointed by the lack of funk, swing and experimentalism in today’s music,” he continues. “I hope that I can steer both labels to exemplify how I’d like to see this music continue to progress.”

Music was a gateway beyond normative minutia of his surroundings. It continues to be a guide into the past and future. “Music has opened a whole new world of exploration and connection to me that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I’ve had some of my deepest spiritual experiences thanks to music,” he says. “I’ve connected with people from all over the world and forged almost all of my deepest relationships through a mutual love of this one thing. Not having access to this would be like emotional and developmental equivalent of having your ISP turn the internet off.”


Honcho Summer Campout 2017

PITTSBURGH – Ok friends, here it goes. We’re excited to announce that the third edition of the Honcho Summer Campout will be happening August 17-22, 2017, closing with the solar eclipse on Monday. Since it’s inception, Honcho has been a queer party showcasing queer artists. When we started Campout, we had no idea what it would blossom into, nor how quickly it would get there. While the first two years were hosted by a wonderful venue, the male-only policy does not fit the queer-positive identity of Honcho.

So, year three will be the start of a new chapter for our biggest event as it makes the move to the beautiful Four Quarters Farm. We’re bringing this baby to the mountains of our home state of Pennsylvania. This our woodland Hot Mass – a place steeped in queer history. The entire family is invited.

The rest of our plan will be revealed in the coming weeks, but until then, get ready. Think about your travel plans. You can fly into Pittsburgh, Baltimore, or Washington. It’s right in the middle.

While the hills will be different, the magic will not be. *You* are the ones that make that. Do you trust us?

Hot Mass / Humanaut / Detour: Radio Slave

PITTSBURGH – Humanaut and Detour are pleased to join forces for a very special summer Friday night with one of our inspirations – Radio Slave (Official).

Matt Edwards is Rekids Label co-founder. Over the last 5 years, as Radio Slave, Matt has released a string of underground club hits on Rekids such as “My Bleep”, “Bell Clap Dance”, The “No Sleep” series and the anthemic “Grindhouse”. Aside from Rekids, Matt has released on a number of other esteemed labels such as R&S, Om, Running Back and Ostgut Ton. His style is big, funky and booming – perfectly weaving between house and techno with ease.

Currently, he holds residencies at Berlin’s Panorama Bar and Paris’ Rex Club with the Rekids label nights, and can be found most weekends headlining the world’s top clubs such as Fabric (London), Rex Club (Paris), Womb (Tokyo), Space (Ibiza), Sub Club (Glasgow) and Robert Johnson (Frankfurt).

Opening duties by Gusto, aka Juan-Augusto Lafontaine.

<< 21+ w/ ID // limited capacity, please arrive early >>

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