Welcome to the Sequencer

On a global level the house and techno scene has a long and powerful history. From Berlin to Detroit, from New York City to Chicago; born from the underground this realm has always been a beast of its own, and somehow is both inclusive and exclusive. Not all enter, but anyone is welcome if your mind is in the right place.

Simple in its foundation yet complex in the details, electronic music is a widely expansive genre with more subgenres that can be uttered in one breath. One of the best descriptions I have ever heard about house and techno is that it is a “rabbit hole.” Once you start falling down it, you can’t really get out. There is too much to explore. Too much to find. So much to love.

Comprised by a culture of people, each person is playing a role in the interconnection. It’s a living, breathing mass that evolves with time but maintains the quality of history that fuels it.

Additionally, each city has it’s own vibe, taste, feel, whatever you may call it. Sequencer is a place to converge – to learn, discuss and expand. To be notified of what is to come, or what has happened.

Here you may get to know the DJs and producers that you love with artist spotlights. Learn the history of it all. Check out our calendar of events. Find something new to add to your auditory palate. Join the experience.

Enter the Sequencer.

Questions? Please email alicia.sequencer@gmail.com

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