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San Francisco-based Evelyn Malinowski, otherwise known as Experimental Housewife, started making mixtapes in 1996. A couple years later she was learning how to mix vinyl. By the early 2000s she had a small residency at a local club and was playing trance at warehouse raves. She made a series of studio recordings, including “Inlight, Vol. 1 & 2”, “Elegance”, “Levitation”, “Distant”, and “15 Second Virus”. Eventually, as a DJ she began exploring other genres, like post-rock, ambient, and drone.

After a forced dance music break she rediscovered her love of techno in 2010 through Ellen Alien, and after reading Dan Sicko’s Techno Rebels. “This is also when I finally discovered Basic Channel,” she adds. Shortly thereafter she moved to Berlin and started DJing house and techno again, “reeling in some of my old tech house/prog house favorites from the early 2000s.” By 2013 she moved back to the states and started playing under her current moniker, Experimental Housewife.

As a DJ, she can go from “fluffy, melodic, lyrical, light-hearted, or industrial, metallic, grind-your-face type psychedelic stuff. I think I have so much love for deep, rhythmic music that I end up spending time fully on either side of the spectrum. My favorite thing is to journey from one side to the other (and maybe back) in one set. People really seem to get a kick out of me being able to pull it off, and for being sort of unconventional. What’s really fun is when they are freaked out by the darker, intellectually aggressive stuff, depending on who they are (and what drugs they’re on)…”

She runs Perfect Location Records and continues to work on Run The Length Of Your Wildness. A second volume of the RTL compilation series will be released very soon, she says. “There are some other collaborative projects I’ve got coming up but I can’t speak of them quite yet!”

For this mix she says she did something rare by building the mix around a track. “The opener is by a forgotten name, the almost lone pirate of so-called ‘dark tech house’ or ‘dark house’, or sometimes even ‘dark tribal house’ sound: Quivver. They have this excellent remix, full of fractured vocal samples rolling through a maze of trance drums that are pissed off. I rediscovered it last November when I heard a song by someone else that has similar woodblock sounds. My memory got jogged so I looked back in my really really old catalog and spotted the Quivver track. I just love darker stuff that holds a contemptuous vibe, stuff that has some kind of resentful design. Later I kind of just followed where each track led me, which ended up being a dubbed-out, weird sort of boreal zone. I’ve been more and more into left-field and non-formulaic dance music, so it’s unsurprising that after the fury at the beginning of the mix, I headed back the nether regions. Oh and I also inserted a sample I took of prophet Octavia Butler foretelling what the U.S. would look like by 2020. It’s in the middle of the mix.”

1. Quivver – One Last Time (Amityville Dub)
2. Manni Dee – Estrangement Between
3. Deepsmith & Hush Hush – We Don’t Stop
4. Varg – Stupagreve Homuth
5. MCM – Day 185
6. Raw Silver – Thick Atmosphere (Julia Blyth Gaines Remix)
7. ^L_ + Bad Stream – Fake DMT
8. Ellen Alien – Call Me (Kyoka Remix)
9. VRPH – Chekalin Dub
10. Willrijk – Office
11. Elexos Park – Purification Ritual (Roche Remix)

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