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Brian Bohan


In Training co-founder Brian Bohan [Father of Two] explores a more abstract ambient world for this Soundcast installation. Since our interview with him last year, the Cleveland native soon-to-be Pittsburgh-based, has continued to travel, grow, and hone in as a DJ and selector.

“With this mix, I wanted to explore something a bit different than some of the other studio mixes I’ve been lucky enough to release on various platforms this year. I was heavily inspired by Hi-Vis’ incredible mix series Beyond / Below, in which she and numerous other amazing artists take more ambient, experimental approaches to the standard online mix, often resulting in long-form pieces that scan more as original compositions rather than a collection of the work of others. These had a deep impact on me, and while I always get a kick out of going into the studio and throwing down a club set, I wanted to try my hand at this sort of project. The truth is that when I’m at home and not necessarily looking for material for the club, I’m usually listening to music that lends itself to this approach; in fact, I feel that my tastes in these styles has evolved parallel and in dialogue with the sounds I search for in club music over the years. They definitely inform each other.”

This mix, in particular, explores Bohan’s at-home listening sounds. He says, “Some ideal scenarios for this mix: single-player gaming (nothing competitive online, massively multiplayer online co-op player-vs-environment ok), the deep afters moment when it’s just you and four homies staring at the wall smiling atĀ 1 p.m., or taking a power doze where you want to close your eyes but not fall too deep asleep and wake up all fucked up and groggy and more tired than when you started.”

With a steady stream of gigs and mix release opportunities (like the more recent contribution for Honey Soundsystem), Bohan says he’s continually gaining deeper insight.

“I do feel like I’ve been able to dial into a certain vibe over the past year and a half and become more sure of the sounds and styles I want to be able to convey. It’s been rewarding to start finding my own voice a little bit more, and gaining the confidence to put it out there. This is largely due to being immediately surrounded by such talented peers like my fellow In Training residents (Kiernan Laveaux and Mx Silkman), DJ adab, the Honcho boys, Tony Fairchild, CCL, Naeem, Alex Price, Ali Berger, Flora FM, Turtle Bugg, SOLD, Tommy & Baronhawk from TNX… the list could go on much longer… I very sincerely believe these are some of the best DJs in the entire world right now. Attempting to keep up with them and operate in the same general realm as them always forces me to look for new connections in music I’m drawn to, to not be afraid to take chances both in the studio and in front of an audience, and to hone my technical skills and handle on the dynamics of a dance floor. Meeting and connecting with some more seasoned veterans and longtime inspirations like the Honey Soundsystem boys, Objekt, Stallone Z. Reducer, Octo Octa, and Eris Drew, has also learned me in ways of DJing, finding spiritual and creative success in this ‘industry’, and just being a kind, well-rounded person in general. I’ve just learned so fucking much and I can’t wait to learn more and keep meeting all of these fucking incredible people. It’s such an enormous blessing. I spend roughly every other minute in total fucking awe of it.”

One highlight of his many memories worth mentioning, he says, was the 2018 Honcho New Year’s warehouse party. “A substantial portion of friends were in the building celebrating making it through a fucking hellscape of a year, every DJ was on their absolute most A of games, and I was feeling a oneness with the force during my own set that I have rarely hit before. I’ve gone back to that night many times in the months since for strength during rougher times when I need to remember why we do this.”

Coming up, “I’m gearing up to warm up the Honcho Pride Boat for Octo Octa thisĀ coming Sunday. The boat party was one of the best days of my entire life last year, and being able to play alongside Maya is an honor.” In July he, Miah Benton [adab] and Shane Christian [Kiernan Laveaux] are heading to D.C. to play with The NeedlExchangeYearly, “which I am insanely excited for. Becoming close with those homies over the past year and a half has definitely been a big highlight. That same trio will also be making our return to Honcho Campout, which is the most important event of the entire year for me. Those plus a few other TBA events, as well as any fun shit that just randomly pops into view, as it so often does. I’m jazzed.”

1. (Excerpt from ‘Tropical Malady’)
2. Andrew Pekler – Humidity Index / Khao Sok (Chopped & Screwed)
3. Cucina Provera – Totean
4. Bftt – Iosmidi5 – Birdsong
5. Oval – Do While X
6. De Leon – Untitled (A3)
7. Autechre – Maphive 6.1
8. Mokira – Album 4
9. Renick Bell – Recognizing Conditioning
10. Cosmin Nicolae – Simultan
11. Object Blue – Cerco de Deus
12. Kinlaw – d.3 hash
13. Eartheater – Ecdysisophis
14. Lucy Railton – Fortified Up
15. Ekkehard Ehlers – Plays John Cassavettes Pt. 1
16. Shuttle358 – Edule
17. Dntel – Fear of Corners
18. Oli xl – Power Over Death
19. Lea Bertucci – At Dawn
20. (Acoustic Outro)

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