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Berlin’s Kamal Naeem is a native of Upstate New York. While living in Ithaca he established the well-esteemed label, Blank Slate. His diverse taste in music has shaped him as a selector, label owner, and DJ.

By way of Blank Slate, Naeem says there are many factors that discern what fits into a label’s groove. He walked through the process of putting out a record through Blank Slate and the many considerations that go along with it. Varying for each individual release he says “it’s important to remain flexible with the process, because at the end of the day artists are allowing me to release their work. As the variety of music on the label suggests, I’m not listening for a certain sound. I’m after original work, expressing something of its own.” He listens to the track on repeat and always makes sure he is informed on the musical history the artist is drawing on because if you’re not informed “how can you know if the music is actually original?”

The diversity he strives for not only in his music knowledge and label’s output is also reflected when given the opportunity to DJ. “When I am granted the privilege of playing for others, variety and diversity are very important to me,” he says. ”Sure, playing an amazing set of just house music or just techno is one thing. But the DJs that I hold in the highest light have the ability to transverse timing, genre, geography and pretty much any other imaginable boundary. You might start off listening to something you kind of know and by the end of the night you’ve fallen in love with a type of music you didn’t know existed. I aspire to be able to play all my favorite types of music in the same set.”

This mix is particularly special to Sequencer, as Kamal Naeem opened the evening for Sequencer’s first ever event on Jan. 3, hosted along with Buffalo collective REDUX.

In case you missed it, read Kamal’s full Sequencer Spotlight.

1. The Reality Band and Show – “Gangster Boy” [Athens Of The North – ATH014]
2. Frank Biyoung and the Afrolectric Orketstra feat Melissa James – “We Shall Overcome” [Hot Casa Records – 001]
3. Antibalas – “A.W.O.L. (Afrobeat Inst.)” [Daptone Records – DAP-1067]
4. Ned Doheny – “To Prove My Love” [Numero Group – NUM052.75]
5. Ryo Kawasaki – “Trinkets & Things” [Rush Hour Recordings – RH-STORE JPN 3]
6. Aged in Harmony – “You’re a Melody (Extended Disco)” [Melodies International Ltd.- Mel003]
7. The Three Degrees – “I Like Being a Woman” [Philadelphia International Records ‎– PIR 2737]
8. Lady Alma (Mark De Clive-Lowe Presents) – “I Can’t Help It” [Alala Records ‎– AL-002]
9. Tapes & DJ Sotofett – “Dub Happy” [Sex Tags Amfibia ‎– AMFIBIA 19]
10. Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald – Villalobos “Uli, Mein Ponyhof” RMX [Deutsche Grammophon ‎– 476 6938]
11. Michal Wolski – “Measurement” [Blank Slate 008]
12. Shura – “Room in a Room” [3B ‎– 3B 08]
13. Emmanuel Top – “Aestroid” [NovaMute ‎– NovaMute 3036-1]
14. Emika – “Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Vocal Edit)” [Ninja Tune ‎– ZEN12263]
15. Michal Wolski – “Bells” [Blank Slate 008]
16. Adam Marshal – “Vespers” [New Kanada – NK17]
17. Alvin Carr – “Poison Mind” [Dance Mania ‎– DM 245]
18. Oppenheimer Analysis – “The Devil’s Dancers” [Minimal Wave ‎– MW001]
19. Radiowaves – “Radiowaves 6” [Rising High Records – RSNLP32]
20. Polysick – “Citylights” [audioMER. ‎– audioMER.011.LP]
21. Horror Inc. – “In My Garden” [Perlon ‎– PERL42]
22. —–
23. Freaky Chakra – “Thing” [Astralwerks – ASW 6232-1]
24. Spekter – “Pipe Bomb” [Sound Signature – SS043]
25. Legowelt – “Elementz Of Houz Music (Actress Mix 1)” Clone Jack For Daze ‎– C#JFD16R
26. Fishermen – “Six Pounders” [Kontra-Musik ‎– KMWL004]
27. DJ Magic Mike And The Royal Posse – “Breathing Bass” [Cheetah Records ‎– TCRC-9501]
28. Patrick Cowley – “Menergy” [Fusion Records ‎– FPSF 004]
29. Andy Stott – “Demon in the Attic” [Modern Love ‎– Love019]
30. Jared Wilson – “Grave Stalking” [Skudge Presents ‎– SKUDGE-PT006]
31. —–
32. Jacek Sienkiewicz – “Reveal” [Recognition ‎– R-EP001]
33. Gesloten Cirkel – “Zombie Machine (Acid)” [Murder Capital ‎– M-X]
34. J. TIjn – “Squirtle Squad’ [J Tijn ‎– Squirtle Squad]
35. Steve Reich – “Music for 18 Musicans: Sections V” [ECM Records ‎– ECM 1-1129]

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