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Rust Belt ties grew stronger when Cleveland’s Alan Frank moved to Buffalo, NY a few years ago. From organizing and playing hardcore shows in Ohio, to throwing techno undergrounds in concave spots of the city of Buffalo – he DJs as New Sphere Electric.

“I’ve been collecting records and making mixes since I was a teenager. I used to make tapes for friends in high school and remember them remarking on how they liked the sequencing; and the continuity, pacing, and overall vibe of larger pieces of music has always been important to me. I got my first functioning DJ setup around 2014 and played out for the first time on Halloween of 2015 at a basement cover show that was mad fun.”

He organizes Strange Allure, a party series in Buffalo that have hosted the likes of Octo Octa, Erika + BMG, Volvox, Grey People, PLO Man, and more. Inspired by Hot Mass, Sustain-Release, and a track by Mission of Burma – Strange Allure was born in November 2015.

This mix is a live recording as he opened for Vancouver’s Flørist at June’s Strange Allure. “Usually when I’m playing out, I try to mix a nice blend of headier/dreamy stuff and soulful jams for emotional response, and then lace that with more percussive tracks for physical response,” he says. “I remember this party being one where people were really moving in and out of the room/building a lot (the blessing and curse of Strange Allure’s killer patio situation at the time – RIP Vous) and some of the change-ups in the mix are a response to that.”

In preparation for the incoming cold fronts, Frank has rewired and rebuilt his studio “for the millionth time.”

I’ve been slowly but steadily working on productions for the past couple of years, mostly just learning the workflow of various machines and DAWs and using it as an excuse to not leave the house. Most of it never gets beyond the studio but the occasional production gets played out and I’m currently working on some stuff that I’m pretty excited about,” he says.

He’s currently wrapping up a 12” for a new label he’s working on, and he and Cleveland resident Adam Miller have a remix they’ve crafted as Pure & Supreme which will be on its way also. “I also play in a couple of bands that both have material in the works. Beyond that, just trying to digest as much music as possible and keep throwing parties,” he adds.

And if you catch yourself in Upstate New York, discover Strange Allure. It’s pure magic.

New Sphere Electric chose to not provide a track list for this soundcast.

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