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A man of the Midwest, Pat Bosman grew up in the suburbs of Detroit before moving to Chicago about five years ago.

“I was lucky to be born and raised in the right time and place that I’ve seen both sides of the digital revolution. I am young enough to remember when music wasn’t instantly accessible, taping songs off the radio and sending cashiers checks through the mail to someone’s garage or basement for merch. I grew up blind buying CDs at shows and having my mind blown by unlabeled tracks on random CDRs, but I also had access very early on to filesharing, high-speed internet, and a CD burner.”

Through message boards and the early internet era, Bosman’s exposure to music and the community began to grow.

“My DJ story really starts with years of trading mix CDs, mostly outside of dance music, but falling in love with the feeling of finding common ground through music. I see DJing as a natural progression from there, sharing music in long form and asking your audience to trust and follow you.”

It was during the incoming of 2013, a few months before moving to Chicago, that Bosman was introduced to the Naughty Bad Fun Collective at the traditional New Year’s Eve party. “I was lucky to have already been close with Jarvi from our mutual time in Michigan and they introduced me to Sam (Sassmouth) at the door. I instantly knew Chicago was where I wanted to be and met some of my closest friends to this day at that first party.”

Although young enough to miss the real Detroit rave scene, he was old enough to become a regular attendee of DEMF/Tech Fest, which has grown to become known as Movement Festival. He says, “With that as my only previous rave experience I was blown away by the Chicago underground. After moving to the city I started by helping [NBFC] with setup and working door at parties, which led to a 13-hour New Year’s coat check shift with my amazingly supportive partner Taryn, playing opening slots, running sound and setup, and eventually full-blown partnership in this crazy collective.”

The city of Chicago is now home for Bosman. The music scene he found here has become more than a place to party – it is family. “For me personally it’s the people I now consider my chosen techno family that have shaped me the most. Having so many amazing DJs that I consider real friends first and a culture that really values the music constantly inspires me. It has expanded my musical knowledge and pushed me to work harder and dig deeper,” he says. “I’ve also had the opportunity to make connections here that have taken me to other cities, other parties and experience things outside of Chicago. I don’t know if I would even still be a DJ if I hadn’t moved here!”

During his youth, Bosman’s parents encouraged his music education. He developed a background in school through concert, marching and jazz bands. This eventually led Bosman to play in punk and hardcore bands when school was out of session.

“Having both formal education and experience performing and writing [music] all translated to a foundation I used to develop technical DJ skills. I also was involved in DIY shows at the time, which is an experience I drew upon when helping to put on underground parties. I do lean more towards the heavier, darker techno side of things which certainly grew out of my love for the heavier, darker side of punk and hardcore.  My musical history before starting to DJ gave me the confidence to trust my ear and musical brain when playing and to allow for improvisation and challenging myself while performing in front of an audience.”

When it comes to composing dance music, he owns a few synths and has dabbled in production, “but nothing I would call complete tracks. It’s not something I feel fully driven to undertake right now, but I don’t feel like that’s a bad thing! I feel fulfilled continuing to grow and evolve as a DJ and that is my main focus.” Although production is something he may continue to explore later in life, right now he says it’s not a priority.

He will continue to perform at parties and create mixes, including this mix exclusively made for Sequencer. “Preparing a mix for me usually starts with gathering a bunch of tracks I’m into at the time and building a set from scratch, much like playing a live set,” he says about his process. “I don’t usually start with a specific idea or sound to start with, though one usually evolves as the mix comes together. I usually record a longer ‘rough draft’ recording that I then listen back to, making notes, choosing which tracks fit the feel and editing the order to flow more naturally. Once I have the final order set I will get all the records and files together in the order I will use them to be able to play without having to search through them. This allows me to really focus on the mixing as I record the final version.

“I would say that my mixes usually reflect what I would play to a dancefloor, though I can usually use a few tracks that may not normally translate in a live setting. There’s also not a crowd to read and react to, so it’s a chance to fully follow the journey I have planned out internally from start to finish.” 

Nothing new on the music horizon, he says. “But looking forward to a new year of gigs and hopefully getting back to throwing parties with more regularity!”

1. Hauntologists ‎– Hannett [Modular Cowboy]
2. Dionne ‎– Back On The Planet [Smallville]
3. The Lost Kid ‎– Southern Discomfort [Proper Trax]
4. Ghosts of the Sky – Clouded Remorse [god particle]
5. Wata Igarashi ‎– Question And Answer [The Bunker]
6. The Invariants – Ritzy (Feat. Elkan) [Delsin]
7. Rhythmus Günther – Cleveland [Rhythmus Günther]
8. Dan Curtin ‎– Mr. Bean Do An E [Mobilee]
9. Pablo Inzunza ‎– Convenience [alphahouse]
10. Dj Octopus – Tentacles Loop 6 [Domina Trxxx]
11. Fanon Flowers – Prado Oscuro [Modularz]
12. Lucy – Starving the Mind [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
13. Ray 7 – Zulu Beat [Cryovac]
14. TWR72 – Deform [Float]
15. The Mover – Shadow Deception [Planet Phuture]
16. Sigha ‎– I Am Apathy, I Am Submission [Blueprint]
17. Djinxx – Tension [Restructured]
18. DeFeKT – Move [Komisch]
19. Light Controller – Light Controller (Lemon 8 Mix) [Basic Energy]
20. Naeem – Facing Forward [is / was]
21. Ellen Allien ‎– Take A Stand [Nonplus]
22. The Maghreban – Eddies (Batu Remix) [R & S]
23. Voluptus – Alien Transmission [bbbbb]
24. OCB – Aquaquest [Casa Voyager]

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