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Community Links in Boston, Mass. is a collective with a mission to connect people with music. Matt Foley and Molly McElheny founded the group and have been using various avenues to bring about exposure to quality music and events with unique bookings.

Foley was first exposed to house and techno while attending college in Buffalo, N.Y. Whether he was hopping around local events or traveling to festivals, he began collecting music and started to dabble with mixing at home.

“When I moved to Boston I began making weekly trips to New York City and got exposure to a whole new set of underground artists and events. It was there that I discovered a love for collecting and playing vinyl. Besides the whole ‘vinyl sounds better’ argument, there’s a special sort of feeling you get when you dig through a bunch of junk to find one gem that quite possibly only a handful of people other than you really know or have,” Foley says. “The experiences and friendships I gained immersing myself gave me the inspiration to create a local platform to showcase my own taste as a DJ, as well as the artists who influence and groove me.”

Community Links was officially established in January 2015 with their first party held just a couple months later in March. At it’s core, and clearly represented by it’s name, the collective has been founded to be linked, and connect others, purely by their love and passion for music. Creative inspiration eventually led to a brand, an established weekly event (Techno Taco Tuesday), and regular events in DIY venues.

In the beginning, Foley says he “met a cool group of people who were running an awesome loft space in Boston at the time and ended up hearing about an artist I loved who was coming to town and we decided to make it a reality by throwing our first event. Since then we’ve been consistently throwing underground parties at alternative spaces throughout the city.”

He has worked hand-in-hand with his comrades to provide creative events for people, with bookings such as Miss I, iO (Mulen), Herodot, Mr. Roussos, VENDi, K.atou, and more.

“The idea for Community Links came from the fact that all different types of people can form a bond (or link) based on music alone. We try to always keep this idea at the core of everything we do. We go to great lengths to bring unique bookings to creative spaces with phenomenal sound. But we also pride ourselves on the community aspect of our parties and try to make sure that everyone who attends our events feels welcome and included.” — MATT FOLEY

He and the crew will continue to grow the brand with consistent events in Boston, as well as abroad. They are working on collaboration with friends in other cities and countries, hoping to spread the feeling of interconnectedness beyond the Northeast. Additionally, they hope to release a record through Community Links “as yet another platform to showcase what inspires us. So that is something we will be working very hard on in the next year,” Foley says.

It is clear through his sets and bookings that as an artist he has been deeply inspired by the minimal techno that has been emanating from Romania, from which he recently returned after attending Sunwaves music festival.

“Sunwaves is an amazing intersection of music and atmosphere. I’m very into the Romanian sound which Sunwaves has really turned into a cultural experience. It is of course wonderful to listen to the perfectly tuned Funktion-One sound and to have a rare chance to see many of my favorite DJs perform. But what makes it truly special is the attitude both of the patrons and the artists. You really feel like you are at a party with your closest friends — everyone who you meet shares a passion for this specific type of music and the artists play super extended sets interspersed with interesting back-to-back combinations,” Foley says. “I left feeling full of inspiration from all of the music that I heard there … and from all of the friends I made along the way. But I was most affected by the time spent with people who have made a career out of doing what they love, many of them in the music industry. Seeing that gave me hope that one day I’ll be able to do the same and gave me the courage and resolve to start making some moves along that path.”

In addition to Community Links, you can catch Matt Foley under his newest residency with Re:Set Wednesdays. Tune into his exclusive mix for the next Sequencer Soundcast installation.

Matt Foley chose to not provide a track list for this soundcast.

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