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Vivian Garciaferro Macchia, otherwise known as ViiV, was born in Mexico City but grew up in Puebla. On a golf scholarship she made her way to the States for college. She moved to Chicago in 2011 and her love for dance music began to grow.

“I had just discovered the world of electronic music so I started to look up events and realized everything was going on in Chicago, it was unbelievable good. I started going out regularly and the music was always so good, I would just dance and stay till the end, that’s how I started to meet some people,” she says. “Then later on I started to get curious on records and tried to find out more, so I went to an event hosted at Gramaphone, and that’s where I really got to talk to some people at a more personal level and started some really beautiful friendships.” After graduating she decided to stay until mid-2015 before returning to Mexico due to visa issues.

She began to learn to DJ through observation. “When I moved to Chicago I never throught I would end up being a DJ. I didn’t even know that I was going to the capital of House Music to be honest, had no idea how awesome it was going to be.” She had been dabbling with Traktor and started making friends that were involved in the music scene. “A lot of people were DJs, and not just DJs like myself at the time that enjoyed music and had a software to play around with it. These people had record collections and turntables at home, and so much music culture could be witnessed every time, everywhere. I fell in love with it so naturally I started to look into it more and more.”

During Christmas 2012 back in Puebla she connected with her music friends and threw a small party. “I played with a controller and really enjoyed that night, so when I came back to Chicago in January I started to really get into it. I would try to learn just from watching, and then I met my friend Greg Marshall at Gramaphone and started to play records with him very often until I was able to get my hands on a real mixer and turntables. That was the real starting point, when I fell in love with the art of it.”

Back in Puebla she continues to DJ only vinyl for the most part, since this is how she started her journey.

“Although lately I’ve been collecting digital stuff that I really enjoy, as well as music from friends that have been sharing their work with me, and I really like playing those out too. I just became too addicted to buying records that all my money went in there for a while. I just love to find stuff that goes beyond the great music, there are some labels that really take it to the next level, showcasing not only music but also art for their covers in their releases. And I like that I can actually hold it in my hands, and I love using turntables rather than players. Personal preference I suppose. I really miss digging at record shops since there are none here in Puebla, just a few in [Mexico City] but definitely not the same as living in Chicago. Most of the time I’m on online shops listening to their catalogue and doing online digging but there’s nothing like going through the used section in a record store with no expectations of what to find. ”

She’s dipped her feet into production, also. Experimenting for a while with Ableton, she has two releases out, as well as some unreleased productions. “I really want to get into producing with modular systems, I’ve been trying to save money to buy hardware and take it to the next level, but still stuck with software unfortunately. I think this is also the main reason why I don’t go into it as much as I should, I keep thinking I should wait until I get hardware and get on it. But there’s definitely times where I just go into it and make some sounds that turn out into some interesting stuff.”

When she isn’t digging for and mixing records she is working on her latest project – Unísono – with her partner Santiago, aka elRojo. “We consider it our space in time where we can express our artistic views. The idea is to build a community through music and events, creating safe spaces for self expression.” They are working together to get events going and ultimately start a label. “We have a few events lined up already for the rest of the year and we are going to go ahead and try to bring all the artists we admire and keep on building a global community.”

Their sister labels include Brooklyn-based collective MNMLKTCHN and Sonoro in Ecuador.

Looking forward to the future of all her endeavors, she says she also really hopes “to come visit next year and touch base with all the people and the city that properly introduced me to this wonderful world of dance music.”

1. Dan Andrei- Spine
2. Voigtmann – Groovism
3. Crihan – Sub Rosa
4. Laurine Frost – Obsessed By An Innocent Swing (Take 1)
5. Darren Allen – Scanners
6. Greg Brockmann & Odd Soul – UNO
7. Murdoc – Street Corner
8. Yakine- Storm 88
9. Onirik- Weather Report
10. Uchitoshi – Kabocha
11. Sergio Dimoff- Cono Euphorico
12. Hooved- Tape 2
13. A. Garcia- Dogma

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