Wax Runoff: Pontchartrain [RSD-SE01]

/ 06.02.2016

artworks-000113247866-0sm4an-t500x500Now that the literal and figurative dust has settled from Movement it’s time for a breather. Two days after the festival I had the opportunity to check out Submerge Records. Located in the basement of a building in Detroit’s New Center, it is my new personal favorite shop in the city. The space is the spiritual home to Underground Resistance and also serves as a hub for many Detroit producers/labels to showcase their records. One of the releases that I picked up was Pontchartrain’s Hard Love Edits on Rocksteady Disco.

Pontchartrain, a Detroit native, has become one of the city’s finest disco and edits selectors. His productions over the past two years have garnered the attention of the acclaimed Whiskey Disco, Detroit’s own Rocksteady Disco, and led him to start his own label, Lovedancing. The Burnin’ EP on the latter was one of my favorite releases of 2015.

Hard Love Edits is a sublime 7″ with two tracks guaranteed to set the mood. “L&H” on Side A is an edit of “Love And Happiness” by Al Green; this tune manages to maintain every ounce of soul Al Green put into the original. The organ, funky guitars, and vocal line keep this track grounded. Right when you think you’ve found the pocket, a dub echo takes you on a trip to space. Simplicity is key with this one and boy does it deliver.



The B-side is a bassline monster. “S.I.O” is an uptempo flip of “Lets Straighten It Out” by Latimore. This one chugs along and does not let go. If your head is not nodding by the time this one’s over you may need to reevaluate some things. Even though this was a Record Store Day 2015 release you can still find copies on Discogs. Pontchartrain and Rocksteady Disco show no signs of slowing down. Next time you’re in Detroit make sure to swing by one of their parties and take a soul bath.



Wax Runoff is a weekly feature that will showcase new finds and crate favorites. Alex Morrison is a Buffalo-based DJ raised on funk and soul with poor restraint in the crates.

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