Wax Runoff: Gari Romalis [SAVOR011]

/ 06.23.2016

One of my favorite parts of about record shopping – actual, physical, getting-your-fingers-dirty record shopping – is the ability to educate myself on some of dance music’s heroes that often go overlooked. I was reflecting on that concept when I decided this week’s Wax Runoff had to feature the latest release from Savor Music, an Argentinian label that presses some of the smoothest deep house records around. SAVOR 011 comes from Gari Romalis, a Detroit don with more than 30 years in the business. Having worked for Derrick May’s legendary Transmat Records and pressed releases on labels such as Soma and Housewax, Romalis is someone I should have already been keeping tabs on, but had somehow slipped through the cracks.

Savor011, Savor Music, Gari Romalis


The Boomerang EP gets right down to business, opening with my favorite of the release: “Q-Dig (Dam Right Mix).” Though it starts with kick I like to imagine was recorded underwater and a slightly dubby, reverb’d out synth loop, it’s when the bassline starts teasing that you know for sure that it’s destined for the club. The addition of simple piano chords elevate this track’s playability from warm up to peak hour – I can’t recommend it enough. A2 will find you getting lost in the deep and melodic “From Detroit With Luv.” At times feeling like a locked groove, this would make for a nice end of the night wind-down. Flipping the record over, you’ll find the title track of this release: “Boomerang.” This to me feels like a classic Chicago cut but slightly stripped down, perfect for in the car or warming up a room. File under: mixes well with disco. The EP closes out with “Strutt (Stretch Mix),” a dreamy, spaced out odyssey that’s driven by a thick bass groove, it’s nearly impossible to hold your head still when those hi-hats come in.

I was a bit surprised to see this was sold out in most of the online shops I checked, but if you need a copy of your own it looks like Gramaphone still has one in their online shop. While you’re digging, it’s worth checking out Savor’s site for their full list of releases plus the Savorcast, a series of mixes guaranteed to get you moving.

Wax Runoff is a weekly feature that will showcase new finds and crate favorites. Colin Boardway, formerly of Chicago, is now based in Greece as the label manager for Yoruba Records. He has spent the last 10 years developing his sound by digging deep in the bins wherever records are sold.

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